Levno Water Monitoring

Eliminate water loss and keep compliant with Levno for Water

Levno for Water monitors flow rates through your farm water system, levels of tanks, usage compared to daily consent allowances and alerts you to any water leaks.

Water App Main Dashboard

View your bore water usage, water tank levels and farm supply usage.

Bore Water Meter

Track the water usage from the bore water meter. Know current flow rate and meet consent requirements. Levno for water allows you to keep track of your daily allowance at anytime and gives you an understanding of your farms historic usage.

Farm Supply Water

Know exactly how much water you are using on the farm on a daily, hourly and per second rate. Levno for water will alert you to water leaks in your farm water system, allowing you to repair asap so stock is never without.

Tank Level

Ensure your water tank level remains high and be alerted to low levels before you run out. Levno for water keeps track of the level of water in your tank at all times.

Consent Regulations

Ensure you are meeting consent regulations by tracking your on farm water usage, Levno alerts you to any issues with water flow on your farm, including leak detection.

How it works


Our team makes installation a breeze. Plus we’ll do it in your downtime, so it won’t impact your operations at all.


Our telemetry records your water volumes at industry-standard 15 minute intervals.

Data storage

Levno processes and stores all your data - which you can access through your dashboard on Levno.com.

Consent management

Levno automatically sends your compliance data to your local council - so it’s one less thing you need to worry about.


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